Small and medium-sized businesses regularly face cash flow problems. But while this is an already embarrassing situation, it has been exacerbated to the breaking point for too many people during the COVID-19 pandemic. Today, a UK startup called MarketFinance – which has set up a lending platform to help SMEsRead More →

The first bank in the United States opened in Philadelphia in 1791. Until recently, getting a loan worked only one way: Answer. Today, you have other options, including online lenders with less overhead and potentially lower interest rates. But are online lenders safe? Here, we’ll take a look at howRead More →

Google announced earlier this year that it will invest $ 15 million to support SMEs in India. Credit and financing for MSMEs: Google’s payment app for small businesses, others – Google Pay for Business has now enabled small merchants to access credit through its link to the digital lending platformRead More →

Online loans made accessible and convenient for Filipinos In times of uncertainties and emergencies, it is always ideal to have financial sources to meet immediate needs. Unfortunately for some, instant cash is not always available, with every peso in their finances already earmarked for specific expenses and daily needs. WithRead More →